Developing games can be done in two different ways:

  1. Writing all from scratch
  2. Using a game engine and related available components

 For quite obvious reasons we use the second approach because to us it makes no sense to reinvent the wheel: there are excellent tools out there, well written and fully debugged, hence there's no need for us to re-create them. It's impossible to credit all the parties in the credit screen, nobody will actually read such a list, so we've decided to create this page to show off all the producers of the tools we use to create games.

Game Engines

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Backend Server

Unity packages produced by

NGUILooking for a powerful and affordable next-generation UI system with a low memory footprint and high performance that’s perfect for web, stand-alone and mobile platforms? You found it.


RAIN{one}RAIN{one} from Rival{Theory} raises the bar for AI in Unity by giving in-game characters the ability to sense the world, pathfind, execute sophisticated behavior trees, and modify actions based on personality traits. Contact them for a free demo.




Prime31 is owned by Mike Desaro. They produce a great set of native plugins for iOS, Android and OSX.



by Chris West, one of the best tools ever to manage mesh modifiers at runtime. A must have.



FingerGestures by Fatal Frog Software (owned by William Ravaine) is the most comprehensive package to manage gestures coming from any touch enabled device and also get them from the mouse: a must have 😉




by Juha Kiili. The best tool for 2D style art based on Splines. The fastest and more complete spline tool out there.



GlobeKit by Marco Rapino ( is a great plugin to seamlessly integrate Google Maps in your application.


Above and Beyond Software produces a set of excellent middlelware for Unity: EZ Gui, Sprite Manager 2 and EZ Game Saver, and all are exceptional time savers 😉



The Ant Ranch id the Producer of Inventory Manager 2 and Message Menager for EZ Gui, a couple of package that make you spare quite some time 😉

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