Among our main activities there is Reskinning our games. What that means? It means that you can select any of our games from our catalogue, and we replace all the art with your own (or we create new art to meet your idea, it’s up to you), and we deliver to you the build to be published or we publish it on your behalf on your account, as you prefer. All our game for reskinning are made with Unity, so they are available on all Unity target platforms.

When reskinning a game you can also ask for some tweaks to make the gameplay different: simple changes are always included in the reskinning contract. If you need more complex changes we quote that to you.
The reskinning license can be acquired in 4 different forms as follows:

  • Single title: this is the basic license. Your reskinning is included in the cost of the license itself. You only own the game IP, not the code. Our logo stays on the loading screen, unless you get the optional de-branding extension.
  • Multiple titles: This is like the single titles but entitles you to ask as many reskinnings as you want, paying the reskinning only for all further titles. Here as well you only own the game IP, not the code. Our logo stays on the loading screen, unless you get the optional de-branding extension.
  • Code ownership: this option makes you the owner of the code itself, so we deliver it to you. You will be free to re-sell the code but this covenant carries one constraint that cannot be separated by selling it, so this constraint follows the code: our code authorship shall be acknowledged by adding our logo to the loading screen and credits screen. This also applies to any derivative work.
  • Unrestricted code ownership: in this option we waive the right to be acknowledged as authors of the code and we sign a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement covering this information, so that we’ll never tell that the code was written by us.

One point has to be clear: buying the code ownership (any of the two options) does not forbid us to create a new game (and new code) if another client asks us to do a similar game. Clearly this is referred to the code only, because ALL the four options above grant you full ownership on the game Intellectual Property (usually that covers the game theme, look & feel).

To have more information or a quote just fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.


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