While other AAA+ engines adopt a very friendly price policy, improving it every year, Unity seems to go back to high prices without even adding any real value, just a long list of services nobody asked for. Let's try some comparison to understand where Unity actually stands. Let's take a small company with 3 developers and 2 level designer having $105,000/year income from the game:

-UnityUnreal Engine 4CRYENGINE V
Annual cost$7,500$5,000Pay What You Want
Source code includedNOYESYES
Flawless GI and reflectionWork In ProgressYESYES
Cut scene sequencerNOYESYES (limited)
Hi-quality on Hi-performance on mobile platformNOYESNo mobile support
Integrated Shader and Material EditorNOYESYES
Visual scriptingNOYESYES

And... if the company grows Unity cost will grow as well, while UE4 and CRYENGINE cost will stay. Not counting that in case sales drop with Unity one has a 12 months commitment anyway, while UE4 cost drops with the sales drop.

So, it's clear that Unity didn't really understand the current market trend and it show no interest in keeping Indies on-board, or maybe Riccitiello thinks that we cannot do math? Well either way I guess it's time for a change of plans.

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