DFT Games is a fast growing games development business. Our core team is our family, so we rely on a network of carefully selected contractors to grow our business.

Working with us means entering in a quite active group of very skilled people. We always look for new talented contractors because the games industry is among those few markets that are not shrinking, actually it's growing, so we are too often in the position of refusing new work because no matter how many contractors we have the work is always too much!

If you have any of the following skills we want to hear from you!

  • Unity C# developer
  • 3D modelling
  • 3D texturing
  • 3D environment art
  • 2D art
  • FX specialist
  • SFX specialist
  • Music composer


Please use the contact form to get in touch with us. Be prepared to prove yourself because we do select our contractors very carefully.


We apply a strict Fair Treatment Policy (FTP), not very popular in countries that are currently spoiled by the mirage of easy money. Our FTP is based on strong principle of Sustainable Ethical Economy. We pay all the people working with us basing the wage on the Irish standard industrial wage for all the positions, paying all roughly the same amount of money in terms of Currency Buying Power, this to avoid to be part of the international spoiling mechanism and also to ensure that a coder earning 2,000EUR/month in Europe doesn't feel mistreated knowing that a Asian colleague earns 23,000EUR/month as actual Buying Power. Sustainable Economy is very important to us, so be aware of this before you apply. Is this just a way to pay less money? Absolutely not, but if you think so it means that you really don't get the point of Ethical Economics, so please, do not apply. Also do not apply if you live in a country that de-facto allows software piracy.

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